About us

About Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Calgary (EECC)

The EECC is located in the city of Calgary, Alberta. We believe that the Lord in His sovereign power strategically established us in Calgary to reach the growing Ethiopian Community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

1. Church Mission

Our mission is to love God and worship Him as we reach and disciple people, particularly, the Ethiopian community through the proclamation of the saving power of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to encourage our church members to build a close relationship with Jesus as they seek God’s will for their life.

2. Church Vision

Our vision is to fulfill the Great commission in our community. For this purpose, we are committed to evangelize the growing Ethiopian community and others with the gospel of Jesus Christ by using various methods and strategies. Since its inception in 1994, EECC has adopted the following Visions:


One of the most important visions we have at EECC is proclaiming the saving power of Jesus Christ in words and deeds. As Jesus commands us, “…Go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation…” (Mk.16:15), we are dedicated and united as a community of faith to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We will use various methods and strategies to reach the city of Calgary, particularly, the Ethiopian Community with the message of the gospel.


As the Lord Jesus commanded us, “…Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt.28:20), The EECC is committed to developing mature and visionary disciples and godly Christian leaders through Biblical and Practical Trainings and Sound Teachings. In order to accomplish this, the church conducts various Bible studies, Home Bible fellowships, Trainings, Seminars and Sunday School Classes for its members and ministry group leaders.


The EECC is not only committed to the fulfillment of the Great commission, but as a church, we are also committed to obey the Great Commandment, which says, “…Love your neighbor as yourself…” (Lk.10:27). We strive to serve the community in various ways. In the past, we assisted our community through counseling, visitation, charity works, and financial assistance.


The EECC desires to have its own worship center in order to reach our community in a very effective way. Even though in the past we have been using various facilities, one of our goals is to have our own center, which will be used for worship and various ministry activities. Currently, as a church, we are praying and working to accomplish this noble objective in the near future.

As God enables us, we, at the Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Calgary are committed to accomplish these Visions for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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